Transparency for Better Community



My name is Michelle Bravo.  I am a 6th generation native Northern Californian.

As a military veteran, I am proud to have served my country during the first Gulf War. I am grateful to have utilized my veteran’s benefits so my husband and I could purchase our first home together here in San Francisco’s District 10.

I received my bachelor’s degree in Marketing thanks to a full-tuition academic scholarship at Golden Gate University in San Francisco. I turned my internship at Eidos Interactive, videogame publishers of the Tomb Raider franchise, into the company’s first Channel Marketing Manager for North America.

My Master’s degree is in Industrial Organizational Psychology with a minor in counseling.

I am a well-respected Holistic Health Practitioner serving the San Francisco community for over 12 years. My practice has been lauded in San Francisco’s 7X7 Magazine for the past 3 years as well as featured in Gwyneth Paltrow’s online magazine Goop.

My first steps as mayor will be to hire a competent vice-mayor, preferably someone who has experience in the City of San Francisco, who can help me craft local legislation that complements the goals of what we, as a community, want and need most for our dear San Francisco.

I believe in Transparency for Better Community™.  What this means is I plan to make my mayoral experience open, communicative and inclusive of San Franciscans and our collective long term goals.

I plan to work closely with San Francisco Supervisors to ensure transients are well documented & expeditiously provided shelter & services for the health & safety of all San Franciscans.  At estimated costs of $8 million, not including litigation costs that may come from injuries & deaths, I will work hard to ensure Taser weapons are not funded by San Francisco taxpayers. As your mayor, I will closely monitor the SFPD so de-escalation tactics are used instead of weapons especially for mentally ill, medically vulnerable & vagrant populations.

I have always done my best to be of great service & support in whatever career I’ve undertaken. As your mayor it will be an honor to serve you. Thank you.

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